spamtrainer のログを見ると
# cat spamtrainer.log
Apr 14 01:01:55 – spamtrainer Version 1.6.1
0.000 0 191 0 non-token data: ham
0.000 0 929 0 non-token data: spam
Apr 15 01:00:13 – spamtrainer Version 1.6.1
0.000 0 203 0 non-token data: ham
0.000 0 929 0 non-token data: spam
Apr 16 01:00:57 – spamtrainer Version 1.6.1
0.000 0 213 0 non-token data: ham
0.000 0 937 0 non-token data: spam

SpamAssassin Training Error
Apparently everyone agrees that Apple’s SA implementation is either messed up or deliberately hobbled.

I ended up creating the symbolic link as described in several places:
sudo -s
cd /var/amavis
mv .spamassassin .spamassassin.old
su clamav
ln -s /var/clamav/.spamassassin /var/amavis/.spamassassin

…then fixing the /etc/mail/spamassassin/ file:

change ‘auto_learn’ to ‘bayes_auto_learn’
change ‘safe_reporting’ to ‘report_safe’
comment out ‘use_terse_report 0’
comment out ‘subject_tag’ and ‘rewrite_subject’

(note that it is “report_safe” and not “safe_report” as indicated in some places)

…then setting up the junkmail and notjunkmail accounts as Apple recommends

…then using spamtrainer for the actual scanning instead of either of Apple’s scripts (strangely, hardly anyone even talks about sa-learn).

Now, after scanning 200+ spams and 200+ non-spams (which takes quite a long time with spamtrainer), Bayesian scanning appears to be working. I can tell because the X-Spam-Status tag in my mail headers now contains a BAYES tag:
X-Spam-Status: Yes, hits=5.33 tagged_above=-999 required=5 tests=BAYES_50, HELO_DYNAMIC_IPADDR2, HTML_40_50, HTML_MESSAGE, MIME_HTML_ONLY

That was NOT trivial (considering that this is supposed to already be a feature of Tiger). The discussion in the afp548 thread starts on 10.4.2. This misconfiguration (deliberate hobbling?) persists in 10.4.6. wtf?



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